Temple Clergy and Staff

Temple clergy and staff are organized in broad and interconnected departments, with One Team as the guiding philosophy.

Temple Clergy



Executive Director

214.706.0000, ext. 1201


Jeff Friedman

Director of Cemetery Operations

jfriedman@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 1601

Gary Baker

Cemetery Groundskeeper

gbaker@tedallas.org 214.706.0000

Martha Bowden

Administrative Assistant to Cantors Vicky Glikin and Leslie Niren

mbowden@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 2012

Jennifer Dietz

Executive Assistant to Rabbis David Stern and Debra Robbins

jdietz@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 2011

Alice Martinez

Administrative Assistant to Rabbis Kimberly Herzog Cohen and Michael Lewis

amartinez@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 2010

Colleen Klein Oates

Choir Assistant

coates@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 1802

Connie Dufner

Senior Director of Communications

cdufner@tedallas.org 214.706.0000 ext. 2201

Livia Stevenson

Digital Marketing and Social Media Associate

lbernstein@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 2203
Congregational Advancement

Sandy Diamond

Senior Director of Congregational Advancement

sdiamond@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 2401

Carly Goldman

Gift Processing/Stewardship Manager

cgoldman@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 2403

Ashley Greenwood

Member Care Coordinator

amoore@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 3805

Alexandra Horn

Director of Membership

ahorn@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 3801

Katie London

Director of Engagement Opportunities and Older Adults

klondon@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 3804

Rosemary Nigo

Endowment/Planned Giving Manager

rnigo@tedallas.org 214.706.0000 ext. 2404

Meredith Pryzant

Director of Member Support

mpryzant@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 3802

Joselyn Ramey

Director of Annual Giving

jramey@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 2402

Katie Van Cleave

Gift Processing Manager

kvcleave@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 2405
Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC)

Meagan Friedman

Senior Director of Early Childhood Education

meaganf@tedallas.org 214.706.0020, ext. 2801

Angela Daley

Registrar & Enrollment Manager

adaley@tedallas.org 214.706.0020, ext. 2806

Janet Graham

Administrative Assistant

jgraham@tedallas.org 214.706.0020

Colleen Kravulski

Learning Specialist

ckravulski@tedallas.org 214.706.0020, ext. 2803

Jennifer Richman

Director of ECEC Operations

jrichman@tedallas.org 214.706.0020, ext. 2802

Alisa Sureck

Administrative Coordinator

asureck@tedallas.org 214.706.0020, ext. 2807
Education and Engagement


Senior Director of Education and Engagement

arossel@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 2004

Mindy Butler

Executive Assistant to Rabbi Amy Rossel

mbutler@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 2013

Tal Drori

Education & Engagement Event Manager

tdrori@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 4005


YL+E Registrar And Office Manager

rlipkin@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 4804


Director Of Community and Family Engagement

ematsil@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 4002


Director of Youth Education and Engagement

apaull@tedallas.org 214.706.0000 ext. 4801


Director of Libraries and Archives

aruiz@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 1401

Maya Solomon

Program & Operations Coordinator

msolomon@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 4803


Director of Small Groups and Diversity

sstevenson@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 4001

Megan Sims

Director of Youth Engagement

msims@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 4802

Sammy Weyser

ATiD and Adult Learning Event Manager

sweyser@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 4004
Facilities and Hospitality

Brett Deckard

Senior Director of Facilities and Operations

bdeckard@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 3001

Efren Guzman

Temple Attendant

eguzman@tedallas.org 214.706.0000

Larry Jefferson

Director of Engineering

ljefferson@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 3003

Jarick Johnson

Temple Attendant

jjohnson@tedallas.org 214.706.0000

Riley Reece

Special Events Manager

rreece@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 3002

Namon Rice

Hospitality Supervisor

nrice@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 3005

Chevie Valentine

Director of Events

cvalentine@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 3004
Finance and Database

Deven Joshi

Senior Director of Finance

djoshi@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 1001

Elizabeth Bera

Database Support

abera@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 1005

Laurie Dailey

Accounting Manager

ldailey@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 1003

Pat McCabe

Senior GL Accountant

pmccabe@tedallas.org 214.706.0000

Holly Mapel

Database Administrator

hmapel@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 2601

Thriveni Sairam

Senior Accountant

tsairam@tedallas.org 214.706.0000, ext. 1002