It is the challenge of our generation to preserve and strengthen what past generations have built at Temple Emanu-El. Together we can ensure that our children and grandchildren will have the same firm commitment to Judaism and its ethical values as our ancestors did before us. Our obligation is to leave tomorrow’s legacy strong.

The Temple Emanu-El Foundation was created in March of 2000 to provide asset protection and a better investment vehicle for Temple’s endowment funds. This foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) organization with a separate Board of Trustees. When the foundation began, the Endowment Fund for Temple Emanu-El was approximately $5 million and is now more than $20 million today. Our goal now is to increase the number of planned gifts to benefit the Temple Emanu-El Foundation and our legacy.

For questions or more information, contact Sandy Diamond, Director of Development at 214.706.0000 ext. 2401.