Connect and Belong

Temple Emanu-El is all about building a vibrant community where members feel strongly connected to our congregation and to one another.

When we connect with others in meaningful ways, Jewish values come alive. Judaism teaches kol Yisrael areivim zeh bezeh, all of Israel is responsible for one another, and that responsibility means supporting each other physically and emotionally.

We offer multiple opportunities for small-group connections; engage in activities you enjoy, gather with people in similar life stages or with comparable life experiences, or to learn together. Learn more below.

Sh'ma Groups

Sh’ma groups cultivate a sense of belonging for people seeking deeper, more intimate connections with others, a Jewish community and Temple Emanu-El. Sh’ma groups are not just about people gathering together but rather are designed to create communities of meaning. This requires a container in which to cultivate deeper and truer relationships.

This container is formed by:

  • The same group of people meeting consistently
  • Gathering around a shared interest, affinity or commonality
  • Having a clear, self-selected goal and purpose
  • Being limited to 6-16 people in size
  • Being lay led
  • Having a defined start date and expiration date (For 2023-2024, the program year will be December 4 – June 15)

Other Small Groups

These groups can be larger groups of individuals, couples or families. Anyone is welcome to come at any time, as you choose. There are no attendance requirements. These groups also help our large community feel more intimate and bring a connection with others via a shared experience.

Book Club
Grief Support
Yoga Emanu-El


From classes in the liturgy to those focused on applying Jewish values in specific stages of life Temple has a learning opportunity for everyone! Learn more about adult learning at Temple here.

Contact for Small Group Connections:

Shira Stevenson, Director of Small Groups and Diversity,