Walking the Walk

Temple Emanu-El is all about building a vibrant community where members feel strongly connected to our congregation and to one another. We offer multiple opportunities for small-group connections both formal and informal. Note that groups are constantly being formed, so watch Temple communications for opportunities as they occur.

Sh'ma Groups

Sh’ma Groups are small groups of individuals, couples or families that help to make our big community feel more intimate. They help to deepen your connection with others who share similar interests or life stage, and enable you to share Jewish experiences, conversations and celebrations with others. The program is a part of Sh’ma Emanu-El, Temple’s long-running initiative to foster relationships that motivate people to live meaningful Jewish lives.

Facing Our Truths

Temple is involved in ongoing work to become an antiracist congregation. We have developed a small-group program called Facing Our Truths, in which groups study a six-month curriculum of learning and awareness about racism. The groups are designed for honest, safe discussions and are led by trained facilitators.

Contact for Sh’ma Emanu-El and Facing Our Truths: Alexandra Horn, Director of Congregational Engagement, ahorn@tedallas.org

Small-Group Learning

Goin’ to the Chuppah: Offered periodically, these classes are offered to small groups of engaged couples who are getting married by our clergy or who have recently been married.

Goin’ to the Delivery Room: Offered periodically, these sessions focus on raising a Jewish family and building community with other families.


Erica Strauss, Director of Social Justice and Special Projects, estrauss@tedallas.org