Let's Act Together!


Just Congregations provides us with a way to build community within our congregation. It helps us understand which issues matter to our members and encourage new leaders who are interested in taking action. Furthermore, it helps us develop strong connections of cooperation, communication, and coalition across lines of race, class, and faith. In assuming our responsibility, we do so as a community that has stood resolutely and acted compassionately in the face of injustice for almost 150 years.

Just Congregations is committed to acting together on critical social justice issues in partnership with Dallas Area Interfaith, which is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). Now, more than ever, we need people across the political and religious spectrum to work side-by-side, with vigilance and cooperation.

For more information, contact:
Rabbi Kimberly Herzog Cohen, Rabbinic Liaison
Mike Rosen, Chair of Just Congregations