Why We March

Oct 19, 2021 / 13 Heshvan, 5782

Temple members had the privilege of joining NCJW in their march, The National Rally for Abortion Justice on October 2nd at the Main Street Gardens. Several Temple members and clergy were there to show their opposition of SB8, a law that bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected. One Temple family explains why they choose to march.

“One of my daughter Daryl’s oldest memories is from a political rally in 1992 at age 4. “From an early age, I’ve understood the importance of speaking up and showing up for causes that matter. On Saturday, I marched with three generations of women in our family because SB8 affects all of us. It attempts to undo the grueling work of former generations, and it is dangerous for our next generations. It is why I had no choice but to march: in support of my daughter’s future and in recognition of progress made. We showed up to demand a future in which Texas women, and all marginalized communities, may fully realize their human rights. It was invigorating to march alongside so many other angry, motivated Texans.” Daryl’s sentiment motivates me to stand up and do better in hopes that our granddaughter, Jed looks back at these photos and is inspired by her mama and grandma to always stand up for justice.” -Wendy Stanley