Temple’s Own HIAS Welcome Circle

Nov 18, 2022 / 24 Heshvan, 5783

Over the coming months, Temple will welcome the Veremiov family into our community in an exciting resettlement initiative known as the HIAS Welcome Circles. Temple is one of nearly 23 U.S. congregations to sponsor a family as part of the program that started with Afghan refugees and has expanded to include Ukrainian refugees.

Dmytro, 34, and his wife Inna, and their three children, Yuliia, 17; Mark, 6; and Emily, 2; are from Dnipro, Ukraine, and fled to Poland with their two cats at the start of the war. They are eager to move to Dallas and get a fresh start. Before the war, Dimytro had been working as a real estate agent and Inna as a flower trader and store clerk. “In the US, we are going to continue our work after we get permission. We can also work in different jobs, we are very responsible and ready for new challenges.”

The Temple committee organizing the response consists of Sarith Abramowitz, Eugene Berman, Megan Berman, Risa Gross, Heather Kupersztoch, Nancy Lubar, Nancy Rivin, Lauren Savariego, Barb Selz, Sheila Stieglitz, Sue Weiner and Linda Winski. We also extend our gratitude to past president Frank Risch, who has been involved with this effort as a Temple member and a member of the national HIAS Board of Directors.

“Through the generosity of our congregation, we have been able to offer many kinds of support for Ukrainian refugees,” says Rabbi Kimberly Herzog Cohen. “Beginning with Cantor Vicky Glikin’s Passover trip to Warsaw and direct contributions to on-the-ground volunteers, we are now expanding the circle of impact. This is a continuation of Temple’s ongoing social justice work, in honor of our 150th year, as well as ensuring our legacy of tikkun olam for our future.”

Dmytro expresses his family’s deepest hopes: “We really hope to find truly kind people who will help us start a new life in the USA.”

For more information or to get involved with the committee, contact Erica Strauss.