Martin Luther King Jr. Day Resources

Jan 13, 2023 / 20 Tevet, 5783

As Martin Luther King Jr. Day approaches, use the resources below to remember why service is so important and find ways to get involved at home. For more information on service projects, please contact Erica Strauss.

Why service is important in Judaism:

Why do we do service on MLK day:

Activities to do at home:
Make Bye-Bye Bags for Vogel Alcove
Bye-Bye bags are snack sacks that are distributed to the children at the end of the day. These snack sacks provide additional nutrition when the children are away from our facility. Volunteers gather the supplies and fill the bags.

Family Gateway Get Involved
● Assemble emergency move-in kits. Click here to view our Wish List flyer.
● Assemble snack bags. Click here to view our snack bag flyer.
● Assemble sanitation kits with masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes.
● Assemble laundry detergent pod kits by separating them into Ziploc bags with 4 pods in each bag.

The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center 
● Build welcome baskets for individuals who are residing at the Bridge. These include various items the residents need to be successful in this transition. You can learn more about the welcome baskets here.