Get Involved with Facing Our Truths This Winter

Nov 26, 2021 / 22 Kislev, 5782

“Facilitating our Facing our Truths group was a personally fulfilling experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to explore the challenging course content on systemic racism – and to take a more discerning look at my own privilege and racial narrative – from the safe space that our group created for this important work. Each session was very moving as we explored with candor and often, with our own pain and discomfort, how systemic racism continues to exert such harm. I was incredibly grateful for the contributions of each of my group members who helped me on this journey of learning and growth.”

–Sara Albert, Vice President of Engagement & Inclusion + Facing our Truths Facilitator

“There’s so much that I learned from the curriculum and other facilitators. We were sent articles that enlightened us about the history of the Jim Crow era, and going back to the Civil War. We learned really good ways to frame conversations. What I learned about myself, aside from learning the history, was that I have a better understanding of the perspectives of people of color. [My group] got more impassioned and wants to do more – we’ve already been asking what’s next!”

–Linda Sheff, Board of Trustees + Facing our Truths Facilitator

For questions regarding Facing our Truths and other small group opportunities, please contact Alexandra Horn, Director of Congregational Engagement.

The first facilitator training will be held Tuesday, December 7 at Temple. The Facing our Truths small groups will launch in early February 2022.