Chever Torah

with Rabbi Seymour Rossel

Teen Emanu-El New Year’s Party

Temple Emanu-El Weiss Youth Wing

Let's party like it's 5783! 7th-12th graders, join us for our 5783-5784 New Year's Party! You'll have the opportunity to hang with friends, have some appetizers, make "Jew Year's Resolutions"...

Kever Avot Service

Temple Emanu-El Cemetery and Mausoleum

Join the clergy and other members for the service, visits to graves and crypts, and linger to share memories over cold drinks, coffee and sweet treats.

Event Series Returning to Psalm 27

Returning to Psalm 27

Temple Emanu-El

The popular adult learning class with Rabbi Debra Robbins returns. Using Rabbi Robbins’ book, “Opening Your Heart With Psalm 27,” participants will engage in the practice of reciting the psalm...