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Crossing the Sea: Passover in Poland

Crossing the Sea: Passover in Poland

• by Connie Dufner

Cantor Vicky Glikin will be representing Temple on a Passover journey to Warsaw, Poland, to lead a seder in her native Russian language and to provide emotional and logistical support to Ukranian refugees. A native of Ukraine, Cantor Glikin will also be working with other volunteers to provide humanitarian support to the women and children who have fled Ukraine. Follow her journey on Facebook and here in this space. To support Cantor Glikin and Temple’s efforts to stand with Ukraine, donate at 

Shared on Facebook on Thursday, April 13

And she's off! Nesiya Tovah to Cantor Vicky Glikin as she departs for her Passover journey to Poland to lead a seder and provide on-the-ground support for Ukranian refugees. She is taking along personal notes from YL+E students, medical supplies and fidget toys for children, as well as notes from students at Armstrong Elementary and Highland Park High School, where Sam, Michelle and Adam are students. Go in peace and return in peace, Cantor Glikin!


Thanks to the Dallas Morning News for featuring Cantor Vicky Glikin and her trip to Poland this Passover. Our Temple family is cheering her on. Find the entire article here

Shared on Facebook on Friday, April 15

As we prepare for Passover, we are with Cantor Vicky Glikin in spirit, and mindful that we have all been strangers too.
Here are her notes as she prepared earlier today to lead seder in Warsaw for Ukrainian refugees:
...We met at the beautiful Nozyk Synagogue to put together boxes of supplies for the seder, then delivered them to the hotel where it is being held. We also helped to unload donated food for community members.
I played with children in a hotel-room-turned-playroom where refugee children spend time with caregivers while their parents have a break and work on formalizing their refugee status. Children were making Passover crafts. The little boy, Sasha, liked pretending that he’s a magician, waving his arms while I lifted/lowered a transparent sheet from stickers with a Lego piece on it.


Shared on Facebook on Saturday, April 16

Cantor Vicky Glikin shares some impressions from the seder she co-led in Warsaw last night. Yasher koach, Cantor!
"There’s much to say, but I like what my co-officiant Dr. Rebecca Kobrin (a Ph.D. in American Jewish history) said, in true historian fashion: 'There were more Jews celebrating Passover tonight in Warsaw than at any Passover since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.' It was truly once in a lifetime."

Shared on Facebook on Sunday, April 17

Notes from Warsaw, where Cantor Vicky Glikin is spending Passover with Ukrainian refugees, in love, support and hope.
Saturday: Shabbat Shacharit with Progressive congregation Ec Chayim with Rabbi Stas Wojciechowicz.
In the evening, we spent the second seder with Ukrainian refugees at the historic Nozyk Synagogue. It was very intimate, and sitting around the table, we got to hear personal stories from the refugees, which was a moving and healing experience.
Sunday: I spent the day at the Warsaw train station, in the tent where refugees can eat and kids can play. I have the kids' anti-stress toys that I had brought for them, as well as notes of support from YL+E students.
After dinner, with a wonderful colleague, Cantor Sergei Schwartz, I performed a casual concert for the refugees there. We sang Ukrainian, Hebrew and Yiddish songs together, we danced and laughed together. There was so much joy in the room and so many of the people shared that the evening allowed for them to (however briefly) forget their horrible reality. I have heard so many painful stories from the people here…each of these stories is a sacred encounter in which I’ve been allowed to bear witness to the pain that these people have and continue to endure. Their resilience and courage are astounding. I pray that they will continue to find hope and carry forward one step at a time.


Shared on Facebook on Tuesday, April 19

The caring continues in Warsaw, as Cantor Vicky Glikin continues her mission of offering love and support to Ukrainian refugees. In her own words:
In the morning today, I sang, played and talked with refugee children and their teachers, who are also refugees (one from Melitopol, the second one from Kharkiv). The rest of the day, I spent at the Warsaw Train Station. There’s constant need for volunteers who speak Russian and Ukrainian as the people keep arriving and need help figuring out next steps. The three flags on my vest indicate that I can communicate in Russian, Ukrainian and English.


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