Temple Emanu-El Featured in the Reform Advocate, the Journal of Roots of Reform Judaism

Nov 18, 2021 / 14 Kislev, 5782

Find the whole e-edition of the journal here.

Temple Emanu-El and our own Rabbi Debra Robbins, was recently featured in the Fall 2021-5782 e-edition of the Reform Advocate, the journal of Roots of Reform Judaism. The issue recognized several of the congregations and organizations around the United States that provide regular or special Shabbat/High Holy Day services using the Union Prayer Book or similar style Reform services.

As written by Rabbinic Director Rabbi Ken Kantor, “Reform Judaism is belief, practice, leaders, philosophy, theology, liturgy, history, clergy, educators, scholars. It is also communities—from the largest and oldest to the newest and smallest. This issue of our Reform Advocate contains stories and pictures highlighting many of these, from nineteenth-century ornate synagogues and simplest small-town temples to contemporary architectural masterpieces. Like our traditions, these congregations illustrate the diversity of our Judaism’s faith, beliefs, practices, and history. Much like our tagline, these congregations are inspired by the past, embrace today, and are shaping tomorrow.”

You can find the Temple Emanu-El feature on page 10-11 of the journal and in it you will find some of Temple’s unique history that goes back almost as far as Dallas history itself! In this feature you can also read about the unique ways we at Temple worship and interact with spirituality. Rabbi Robbins shares “We have a long tradition of embracing what is new and innovative, cherishing what is meaningful from the past, and often combining it all together in order to create a sense of wholeness and shared commitment to each other in our prayer experiences.”