Prayer for Our Congregation in This Uncertain Season

Nov 09, 2023 / 25 Heshvan, 5784

Felt and collaborated by the members of Yoga Emanu-El.

Adonai, Creator of all things holy,

We are in awe of Your sacred works.

We praise Your constant invitation for an all-encompassing love.

We remain grateful for Your protection.

Eternal God, we ask with grace for the gifts of courage and strength.

We humbly pray to be in receipt of a spark of Your wisdom.

We wholly, both in mind and body ask for Your most profound gift, the gift of sukkat shalom, the

Gift of Your Sheltering peace.

We ask for these gifts not for ourselves alone, but for all who pray for them.

From within these walls of Temple Emanu-El, Eternal One, we sacred embodiment practitioners

seek Your face in earnest.

Please bless us as we call to You.

Envelop us in the kind of love that You dream of for us, and be our companion as we lovingly

pray this prayer with Your sacred and holy name making a sweet path from our heavy hearts to

our moving lips.