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Prayers and Pray-ers

“Ultimately the goal of prayer is not to translate a word but to translate the self; not to render an ancient vocabulary in modern terminology but to transform our lives into prayers.” —Abraham Joshua Heschel

Biblical words from Psalms fill the prayer book and speak to our hearts in ancient and accessible ways. This month-long Sunday morning course, led by Rabbi Debra Robbins, will explore four psalms that are used as prayers and how they work not only as liturgy, but as guides in daily life. Participants will engage with written commentary, musical interpretations and personal experience as well as with each other by joining together for Shabbat services and Ta’am 8500 dinner on January 10.

Prayers and Pray-ers 2020: Psalms of the Liturgy and the Heart


"Psalms of the Jewish Liturgy: A Guide to Their Beauty, Power and Meaning" by Miriyan Glazer (this will be distributed in class and was included in registration)

Translations and Commentary of Psalms 92, 23, 122, 30 from "Songs Ascending: The Book of Psalms, A New Translation with Textual and Spiritual Commentary" by Rabbi Richard N. Levy. Each student will receive a reading packet of these materials.

Additional reading assignments are posted on the website and available on-reserve in the Weisberg Library.

Classroom Culture:

We will begin promptly at 10 a.m. and take a break for a nosh before we conclude at noon. Discussion and activities will presume that everyone has done the assigned reading. Careful listening and respectful speech are expectations in our community of learners. 

Questions: Contact Rachel Tucker, 214.706.0000 ext. 131.