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June in the Garden

June in the Garden

• by aprincipe

The Jill Stone Community Garden experienced a month of extremes: in one day the garden saw 4.5” of rain over a 24 hour period (which we wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for the handy rain gauge donated by Chip Clint). We realized that one of our hot pepper varieties we were growing was the second hottest pepper IN THE WORLD! Talk about extreme heat! And we took 202.5 pounds to the Vickery Meadow Food Pantry in ONE week! The entire month of June weighed in at 635.5 pounds -- MORE than any other month, ever! 

We have to hand it to the extreme gardeners that Temple is becoming famous for. They rise early in the morning, don masks and gloves and work their little tucheses off harvesting, cleaning, weighing, spritzing and schlepping the gorgeous produce down to the pantry. They schvitz in the hot Dallas weather, you never hear them kvetch! They work till they plotz. We love them and can’t wait until the extreme schmutz of a virus releases its hold on us and we can hug them again and kiss their keppies and schmooze again to our hearts' content.

Mazel Tov extreme TE gardeners! To date you have provided 1,879 pounds of organic vegetable relief to our friends at Vickery Meadow.

-Written by Temple member and garden leader, Kay McInnis

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